Software Leader, Entrepreneur


Over the last 15 years, I have held key technical and leadership roles which have allowed me to interact and successfully support Board members, management, co-workers, clients, and customers. I am passionate about software and bring years of experience collaborating with cross-functional departments through defining product requirements, feature enhancements and managing deliverable timelines.

I have proven success in entrepreneurship, product innovation, technical leadership, and software development across multiple industries and markets. I enjoy rolling up my sleeves and taking complete ownership of projects and love working with all departments involved.

Career Highlights

  • Co-founded SaaS startup, achieving an exit.
  • Managed multiple development teams in size using various Agile methodologies.
  • Responsible for developing, launching, and scaling numerous software products into diverse markets, with initial budgets ranging from $50K to over $750K.
  • Developed turnkey SaaS which sold to an international company for ~$500K
  • Designed modeling database containing Eastern United States’ energy transmission and generation data, which was used for data modeling and was over 4TB in size.
  • Owned and operated screen printing company for 5 years.


Note: For most of my career, my work (specifically my software/code) has been protected by IP, meaning I'm unable to share samples of my contributions to the codebases I've worked on. But wait! The projects below I either own myself, or are "sandbox" projects made to showcase my abilities as an engineer and creative professional.


A fictitious SaaS used to search for and book reservations to planets. Search by planet name, galaxy, terrain type, and more! Project will be re-created across 3 separate dev stacks.


A direct sales SaaS I created for my wife in 2016, to help her manage her direct sales inventory, client purchases, and associated shipping labels. Launched closed private beta within 6 months.


CTO & Co-Founder. EVALS helped to ensure successful student development, through efficiency of instruction and consistency of performance expectations during times of initial training.


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